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East Africa: IP Quarterly Newsletter – Q1 2023

30 March 2023
– 2 Minute Read


2023 has brought with it exciting and promising developments in East Africa in the IP and TMT space spanning from the continuous evolution of Artificial intelligence (AI), pronounced judicial precedents regarding data protection and privacy vis-à-vis image rights, and Mauritius’ accession to the Madrid Protocol and finally joining the Madrid System.

Our Lawyers in the IP & Technology Practice have distilled and thoughtfully captured these developments in a palatable format of interesting articles for our readers to enjoy. We hope that you will find these features informative.

  1. Kenya: The accelerated evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the legal considerations around its use by Ariana Issaias and Richard Odongo. To access this article, click here.
  2. Kenya: Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) Guidelines on using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to resolve Data Protection Disputes by Ariana Issaias, George Ndung’u, and Kelvin Mbithi. To access this article, click here.
  3. Kenya: International Data Privacy Day – A Year in Review by Ariana Issaias. To access this article, click here.
  4. Tanzania: CIVIL CASE NO. 7 OF 2019 Ivanna Felix Teri (Plaintiff) vs. Viettel Tanzania Plc. (Defendant) and Set Up Company Ltd. (3RD Party) by Evarist Kameja and Allen Lema. To access this article, click here.
  5. Mauritius is a now member of the Madrid System by Shianee Calcutteea and Sahirun Subadar. To access this article, click here.

We are hopeful that this promising wave of legal developments, does not die down but continues to mature and evolve. So, keep an eye out for our mind-blowing, edge-of-the-seat, informative Q2 Newsletter.