“The rainbow has come to be the symbol of our nation. We are turning the variety of our languages and cultures, once used to divide us, into a source of strength and richness.” Nelson Mandela

Our strength lies in the fact that Bowmans is made up of people – Africans – from across the African continent.

As a result, we seek to attract, develop and retain the best people and empower them to reach their full potential regardless of race, gender, disability, culture or religion.

Our people are our greatest asset. We protect that asset by investing our time in mentoring and developing our lawyers and providing all our staff with a supportive and engaging working environment. We do not tolerate discrimination.

We are an inclusive firm guided by an agreed culture and values. Our management team leads the firm in accordance with the charters we establish in a consultative and participative way.

In South Africa we are committed to the principles of social and economic transformation. Our Transformation Charter was developed by a 44 member focus group comprising people of all races, genders and levels within our firm and from all our geographical regions. In line with this Transformation Charter, we are focussed on:

  • Cultivating an environment where diversity prospers
  • Addressing inequalities with regard to race, gender, disability and culture
  • Developing our people to achieve equitable representation in all occupational categories and levels of employment
  • Encouraging open, honest and effective communication among all people both individually and within appropriate communication forums