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How we live today
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We are committed to our own sustainable development and to that of Africa and its people. Our Sustainability Policy records our intention to operate in a way that optimises our current interests without compromising the future interests of the communities we influence. This is particularly within the context of material positive or negative environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts that we can have on others or that others can have on us.

Why a Sustainability policy

Sustainability is a developing area for all businesses, and many are currently facing increasing pressure from stakeholders in this space. It is incumbent on service providers to understand these challenges. Our purpose as a firm is to help our clients solve their most important and difficult challenges – including those related to their sustainability. We believe that this is where we can have the greatest impact.

Our overarching principles

We recognise that sustainable development in Africa means balancing the need for the growth and development of Africa’s people with those presented by mitigating climate change, biodiversity loss and other environmental risks, and by adapting to loss and damage not reasonably avoidable. We are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as interpreted in an African context.

Sustainability at Bowmans

We commit to running our business according to sustainable principles. We commit to helping our clients solve challenges related to their sustainability.

We commit to supporting the development of the law in the areas necessary to address climate change and ESG risks. We commit to promoting the rule of law and ensuring that our pro bono efforts are delivered by applying an ESG lens. More specifically, we commit to:

Think Sustainability always

Spread awareness of

Help find solutions for climate crisis, biodiversity loss and environmental risks

Partner with clients on their sustainability journeys

Advance the Rule of Law

Develop ESG law

Follow the sustainability rules to comply with sustainability-related legislation, regulations and requirements 

Promote diversity and inclusion

Entrench corporate governance

Invest in ESG on a pro bono basis

Track ESG impacts and improve

Measure progress

Report performance

Provide accessible information

Community involvement

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