Experienced Hires

Why Us

We know the value of our people and are proud of our reputation as a law firm that makes people stronger in their professional lives, careers and aspirations

We have a rich history as a premier law firm involved in high-level and often ground-breaking matters globally and across the African continent.

The respect we have earned internationally coupled with our growing African footprint will provide you the opportunity to realise your potential. And you will be able to do this while contributing to the growth of the continent.

It’s personal: in a profession demanding dedication and high levels of commitment, we focus on and invest in our people. We do everything in our power to keep them happy, engaged and delivering value to our clients.


Our culture

Bowmans is more than a place of work; it is also where professional experience is developed and lasting relationships are formed.

We value individuality not individualism

We foster an environment where people with a diversity of backgrounds and expertise can work together harmoniously.

We believe in work-life blend: we work hard but are flexible while doing so.

Our approach

We challenge the status quo and continuously look for opportunities to innovate, using new technology to enhance the value we add to our clients, colleagues and the firm.

We have an appreciation for commitment, quality and diligence.

We stretch our people, encouraging them to go beyond the necessary, to do more and to do better, and to add exceptional value.

Our work

We advise on complex matters and deals that shape our continent.

We intervene when high-stakes conflicts arise.

We are differentiated by technical knowledge, on-the-ground experience, and keen understanding of our clients’ businesses, all of which exist within our people.

What We Look For

  • Relationship-builders and connectors
  • People who are client-driven and have a desire for excellence
  • Innovative, curious and solutions-oriented thinkers
  • People who can work independently and be self-motivated but see the value in collaborating with other like-minded people
  • The ability to operate within an ambiguous environment and a constantly changing landscape
  • Proud members of the African continent

What We Offer

As an employee, we offer you the ability to:

  • Be yourself, knowing that we acknowledge and encourage our people to find balance in life beyond their careers. We are committed to diversity, inclusion and belonging for all our people including striving for flexibility and meeting the needs of working parents.
  • Be part of a successful team that values you as an individual, and will connect you with the people, the knowledge and the experiences you need to succeed.
  • Work in a collegial, collaborative and supportive environment, one that is friendly, authentic, and that offers you the freedom to mould your own success.
  • Develop your career through the exceptional work that we do for our clients, through working with other top talent, by having the resources to do your job, and through the investments that we make in your development.
  • Make a meaningful impact to our clients and to the industries they operate in; our work sets legal precedence.
  • Help us build our reputation for excellence by working on top-end, complex matters for clients who are leaders in their fields.
  • Be part of an African firm with international exposure with access to the best of both worlds – local and cross-border experience combined with to international best practice.


Our Selection Process

The selection process for our experienced hires is as follows:

Applications must be submitted online. Our recruitment team screens applications to assess eligibility.

We will contact successful online applicants to arrange a screening interview/ conversation

All shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview with the hiring manager, talent manager and member of the recruitment team.

In some cases, a further technical assessment is conducted.

Depending on the outcome of interviews and/ or assessments, references are contacted to verify CVs and performance in previous roles. Fingerprints are also taken to run integrity checks (i.e. criminal, ID verification and qualification). In addition to this, ITC checks are run for finance-related positions.

Successful applicants are then made an offer of employment!