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Webinar: African Economic Regulation in the wake of COVID-19: responding to the Crisis

June 20 | | Competition

COVID-19 has presented unique challenges to African economies with varying reactions from competition authorities. In the aftermath of the pandemic, will we see an even greater focus on public interest’ factors? And how might this impact deal making, specifically in cross-border transactions? Will African economies focus more on creating national champions, or controlling foreign direct investment in strategic industries?

This interactive session was facilitated by Heather Irvine, partner in our Competition Practice in South Africa. Panel members included: Tamara Dini, Co-head of Competition, Bowmans South Africa; Wilbert Kapinga, Managing Partner, Bowmans Tanzania; Bwalya Chilufya-Musonda, Partner, Bowmans Lusaka; David Mpanga, Partner, Bowmans Uganda; Elton Jangale, Managing Partner, Bowmans Lilongwe; Joyce Karanja, Partner, Bowmans Kenya; and Shianee Calcutteea, Partner, Bowmans Mauritius.