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2024 African Mining Indaba

January 24 |

The theme of the 2024 African Mining Indaba is ‘Embracing the power of positive disruption: A bold new future for African mining’. Ahead of the Indaba, Bowmans partners give their perspectives on the topic: head of Mining, Charles Young, highlights three key disruptors – ESG, M&A and technology; partner, Jason Wilkinson, talks about alternative mining finance and green mining finance coming to the fore; partner, Wandisile Mandlana, discuses governance and policy; partner, Ntokozo Nzima, highlights the impact of new technology and innovation; co-head of M&A, Charles Douglas, identifies some of the sustainability and ESG considerations for mining companies; and executive: Tax, Adéle de Jager, speaks about alternative financing structures and the need to consider the impact of tax and exchange control regulations on these arrangements. jasonwand