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Kenya: TMT Tidbits: Delving into Telecommunications – The Telecommunications sector from an expert’s perspective

7 July 2022
– 2 Minute Read


This podcast showcases the sector from an expert’s perspective. The moderator is Stephanie Mulului with Emily Matano, an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya and Regional Counsel (ENEA) at SEACOM, as the speaker.

Emily shares her experience in the telecommunication sector in Kenya and other East African countries and highlights the vibrancy and innovativeness of the telecommunications sector in Kenya. Despite the sector being capital intensive and infrastructure reliant, there is space for both big and small market players interested in investing in the sector.

Emily further expounds on the challenges faced in the sector and recommendations to address these challenges. For instance, hefty and harsher penalties should be imposed on rogue contractors involved in road construction who damage cables laid by telecommunications companies leading to massive losses.

Concerning her interaction with regulators, Emily points out their willingness to assist and that they have the requisite knowledge to guide market players joining and investing in the sector.

As a parting shot, Emily encourages interested persons to grab the bull by the horns and invest in the sector. Joining associations such as TESPOK, AMCHAM, KICTANet and KEPSA, and getting mentorship from established players and experts makes the journey easier and worthwhile.

Click here to listen to the podcast.