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Wesgro Webinar: Update on cargo movements during COVID-19 lockdown

April 20 | | Tax

Wesgro hosted a virtual discussion on some of the challenges in moving cargo in South Africa during the COVID-19 crisis. The discussion was facilitated by Denan Kuni, head: International Trade and Development at Wesgro. Panel members included Bowmans’ Andrew Pike, Head of Ports, Transport and Logistics; Aneria Bouwer, partner: Tax; and Trudie Nichols, consultant: Ports, Transport and Logistics. The discussion covered:

  • cargo import and export regulations, and exemptions;
  • what is technically possible for moving essential and non-essential goods;
  • on-the-ground challenges; and
  • COVID-19 related VAT, customs and excise measures, including available VAT exemptions and customs rebates.