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Webinar: Executive remuneration

May 20 | | Tax, Employment and Benefits

Members of our Employment and Benefits and Tax Practices held a virtual discussion on executive remuneration.

The discussion focused on:

  • The latest remuneration responses to COVID-19, including approaches to base pay (increases/cuts/donations), benefits and short- and long-term incentives.
  • Share plans and remuneration trends, including ESOPs, executive share plans and incentives, performance conditions and minimum shareholding requirements.
  • Shareholder activism broadly, and in particular, Malus and Clawback and other methods of consequence management.
  • The legal issues regarding malus and clawback.
  • Legal risks associated with the application of discretion.
  • The pay gap, living wage and optimising the financial wellness of workers using innovative benefits, including existing tax benefits for workers (housing, education).

The panel discussion was facilitated by Martin Hopkins, our Head of Reward Advisory Services, and panel members will include Bowmans’: