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Corporate Investigations

According to Chambers Bowmans houses a distinguished practice with expertise across a wide range of corporate investigations.

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As organisations expand their African footprints, it makes sense to partner with a law firm that uniquely blends expertise in the law, knowledge of the local market and an understanding of its clients’ businesses.

Our multi-disciplinary corporate investigations team assists our clients, who are drawn from both the public and private sector, in managing all forms of risk they face across the region.  From comprehensive crisis management (e.g. responding to cyber-attacks/data breaches, or running multijurisdictional litigation), to undertaking specialist forensic investigations; providing governance, corruption and regulatory compliance advice; and completing risk management reviews.

The global shift towards the enforcement of anti-corruption legislation (coupled with significant fines and penalties) has seen us acting for clients in a number of investigations and proceedings by criminal and regulatory agencies. Our team has been involved in numerous high profile and public interest cases. These include the largest Ponzi scheme investigation in Africa and one of the largest and most complex tax inquiries in South Africa to date.

Our service extends to identifying specific governance and/or compliance risks that may result in prejudice and/or losses, and making recommendations to address and/or mitigate these.

All of our engagements are led by lawyers, who are able to select and appoint teams of specialists in accordance with the requirements of specific assignments. We are therefore able to implement recommendations flowing from the consequences  of any engagement immediately. These include initiating and defending civil proceedings; initiating disciplinary enquiries and criminal investigations; and taking remedial steps to address the risk of corporate criminal liability.

Our clients may enjoy the protection of legal-professional privilege (while investigations led by entities other than law firms may not.). Our reports, advice and attorney-client correspondence may consequently, therefore be protected against subpoena or forced disclosure to third parties.

We generally instruct forensic chartered accountants who play an integral role in investigations and act as specialist witnesses. This approach has proven extremely effective. Our specialist witnesses are able to present the evidence effectively and concisely.

Our experience is particularly significant where our clients throughout Africa are affected by anti-corruption legislation with extra-territorial application (e.g.: the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act and the South African Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act) and by international conventions with wide application (e.g.: the OECD Convention on Combatting Bribery of Foreign Officials and the United Nations Convention against Corruption).

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