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The Competition Amendment Bill, 2018

17 January 2019
– 2 Minute Read


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The Competition Amendment Bill, 2018 (Bill) was presented to Parliament by the Minister of Economic Development (Minister) on Wednesday, 11 July 2018.

The Bill reflects significant changes to the Competition Act, 1998 (Act) which, when enacted, will likely impact business in South Africa materially. The Bill has been presented as an instrument of economic policy that aims to address policy imperatives of Government related to the South African economy and its history – in particular with respect to questions of inequality, skewed ownership and the perceived concentrated nature of the economy.

This below articles unpack the various sections of the Bill in more detail, and provide a number of perspectives of the main proposals contained therein. The objective of these articles is to encourage debate and understanding of the policy outcomes reflected in the Bill and to allow business to consider the impact thereof.