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South Africa: Interim application process and requirements published for STS and bunkering operations outside of a port

18 February 2022
– 1 Minute Read


The position has since changed. See our newsflash dated 6 April 2022, available here.

We draw your attention to an announcement by the South African Safety Authority (SAMSA) on 1 February 2022 in relation to the licence application process for offshore bunkering and STS operations. The details appear in Marine Notice MN 01-22 and can be accessed here.

By way of background, the latest announcement follows a statement by SAMSA on 31 January 2022 (available here) lifting the moratorium on the awarding of bunkering licenses in Algoa Bay which comes into effect on 1 April 2022. 

* Article by Jeremy Prain and Ridah Wouters