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South Africa: A country with abundant green hydrogen potential


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Bowmans provided the South African analysis for an international review of the emerging regulation of green hydrogen published by Ashurst (available here). The complete review is available here.

The World Bank has identified green hydrogen production as a key component of the energy transition required to respond to climate change and meet global net-zero commitments (here). Produced by using renewably generated electricity that splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, green hydrogen holds significant promise to help meet global energy demand while contributing to climate action goals.

South Africa, with its abundant solar and wind resources and land availability, is well placed to take advantage of the growing demand for green hydrogen. The regulatory environment for green hydrogen in South Africa is still developing.

A key component of this will be international certification of green hydrogen produced in South Africa for the international markets in which demand for the product is likely to be strong.

For more information and to keep up to date with the latest developments, please contact Claire Tucker or Wandisile Mandlana in our Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change Practice.