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Lexology: Getting the deal through – Fintech 2022: South African Chapter

18 August 2021
– 1 Minute Read


Head of Banking and Financial Services Regulatory, David Geral, and partners, Bright Tibane, Kirsten Kern, Livia Dyer, and Xolani Nyali, wrote the South African chapter in Lexology’s Getting the deal through – Fintech 2022. It covers:

  • Fintech landscape and initiatives
  • Financial regulation
  • Cross-border regulation
  • Sales and marketing
  • Change of control
  • Financial crime
  • Peer-to-peer and marketplace lending
  • Artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technology and crypto-assets
  • Data protection and cybersecurity
  • Outsourcing and cloud computing
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Competition
  • Tax
  • Immigration
  • Update and trends