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Kenya: Taxpayers can still benefit from the Voluntary Tax Disclosure Programme currently in its second year

19 July 2022
– 1 Minute Read


The voluntary tax disclosure programme (VTDP) that was introduced by the Finance Act 2020 is currently in its second year of implementation, which will run up to the end of this year, 31 December 2022. As such, taxpayers who disclose and pay the principal taxes by 31 December 2022 will be eligible for an automatic waiver of 50% of the resultant penalties and interest and will not be prosecuted with respect to the tax liabilities disclosed subject to meeting certain conditions.

With our expanded tax team, should you wish to take advantage of the programme, we will be able to support you in the following ways:

  1. conducting a review of your company’s tax compliance status, specifically in relation to areas of non-disclosures and/or incorrect disclosure;
  2. quantification of the exposure and submission of the application to the KRA in good time; and
  3. follow up with KRA and assistance with any queries KRA may have from their review of the application. 

We have included a summary of the key features of the programme (see here) and a link to our earlier detailed alert on the same here for your reference.