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South Africa: Introducing The Bowmans Shipping Podcast

9 June 2021
– 2 Minute Read


In this regular series, Jeremy Prain, a partner in our Shipping, Aviation and Logistics Practice, interviews a range of interesting people with diverse backgrounds, all of whom are connected by their love of the sea and their life-long involvement in the shipping industry.

In each episode, he takes a deep dive into the world of shipping, covering everything from commerce and law, to education and the environment.

The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts here, Spotify here and Google Podcasts here. The first two episodes are available for download: 

#1 Namibia: The Hidden Gem of Ship Mortgage Enforcement

Jeremy interviews Craig Cunningham, who heads our Shipping, Aviation and Logistics Practice, on why Namibia is the hidden gem when it comes to banks and financiers in search of a user-friendly jurisdiction for structured workouts for distressed shipping loans. The jurisdiction has all the benefits and flexibility of South Africa, but none of the downsides of poor ship mortgage ranking.

#2 Getting Seafarers Home in the Time of Covid

Stories of seafarers stuck on ships has been a constant refrain of the Covid-19 pandemic within the shipping world and, indeed, the broader press. Bowmans partner, Lana Stockton, has been at the forefront of repatriation for crew, passengers and stowaways from the start of the lockdowns. She talks about her experiences and challenges in this pressurized environment as well as the physical and mental health issues affecting crew and the long-overdue attention now being paid to their wellbeing on board ships.