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COVID-19: Wage Assistance Scheme, Mauritius

24 March 2020
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In response to the spread of COVID-19 and the lockdown in Mauritius, the Government of Mauritius has introduced the Wage Assistance Scheme (Scheme) to ensure that all employees in the private sector are duly paid their salaries for March 2020.

The Scheme is applicable to businesses in the private sector that have been adversely affected by COVID-19 and the lockdown (Eligible Employers). The Scheme covers both Mauritians and expatriate employees working in Mauritius.

Under the scheme, an Eligible Employer is entitled to receive, with respect to its wage bill for March 2020, an amount equivalent to 15 days’ basic wage bill for all of its employees drawing a monthly basic wage of up to MUR 50 000 subject to a cap of MUR 12 500 of assistance per employee as set out in table below:

For every employee with basic salary in March 2020 (MAU)


Assistance per employee (MAU)

From 9 700 to 25 000

15 days wages

From 4 850 to 12 500

From 25 000 to 50 000

Fixed Amount

12 500

Above 50 000    



Eligible Employers should effect payment of the monthly salary as usual and apply to the MRA for financial support under the Scheme.

Where an Eligible Employer is unable to effect payment of salary for March due to cash flow problems, it may apply to the MRA for assistance under the Scheme so that the salaries may be paid in a timely manner.

Application for financial support under the Scheme can be made online through the link below:

Any payment under the Scheme will be made directly to the bank account of the employer.