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COVID-19: South African employers – secure Alert Level 1 compliance quickly and easily

8 October 2020
– 2 Minute Read


Following the move from South African Alert Level 2 lockdown to Alert Level 1 lockdown (AL1), our Employment and Benefits Practice has revised its Return to Work Pack (Pack) to help South African employers secure compliance with, and gain an understanding of, the various regulatory requirements quickly and easily.

The Pack has now been updated to incorporate the requirements for the AL1 lockdown. It provides the full suite of documents required to comply with the AL1 Regulations and the Consolidated COVID-19 Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Direction, published on 1 October 2020 (Revised OHS Direction), which replaces the Direction that was published on 4 June 2020.

The Pack caters for small, medium and large enterprises and is available electronically, with downloadable access. It contains the following documents:

  • Consolidated DMA Regulations (including AL1)
  • Revised OHS Direction Newsflash
  • Tabulated Summary of the Revised OHS Direction
  • Table of Employer Obligations in terms of the Revised OHS Direction
  • AL1 Employee Travel Permit
  • AL1 Remote Working Form
  • AL1 Employee Confirmation Letter
  • AL1 Letter of Appointment of Compliance Employee
  • AL1 Letter of Appointment of Compliance Officer
  • AL1 Return to Work Policy
  • AL1 Workplace Plan

The total once-off cost of the pack is ZAR 8 000 plus VAT. To take advantage of this offer, send an email to [email protected].

We wish you well during these challenging times. Our Employment and Benefits Practice in South Africa is available to help with any employment-related legal issues you may have. Please contact Lusanda Raphulu to discuss your requirements in more detail.

A repository housing all the ‘value-add’ information we have compiled for clients regarding COVID-19 across our geographical footprint is available here.