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COVID-19: Recent measures by Government and the authorities in Mauritius

6 April 2020
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As at 5 April 2020, the number of people infected with COVID-19 in Mauritius is 227, with seven casualties. 

Currently, all Mauritians (other than specified persons including officers providing essential services) are subject to a curfew order which started on 23 March at 20h00 hours has been extended till 15 April 2020 at 20h00 hours following an increase in the number cases.

The following steps have been taken to deal with the adverse impact of COVID-19 on the economy and different sectors:

  • The Quarantine (Quarantinable Diseases) Regulations 2020 (Regulations) have been issued.

    These regulations grant the power to the Minister of Health and Wellness (Minister), having regard to the prevalence of COVID-19 in other countries, to prohibit any conveyance (which is defined as an aircraft, ship or any other means of transport on an international voyage) from entering or departing the territory of Mauritius where the Minister is satisfied that such a measure is necessary to prevent a danger to public health in Mauritius, including the spread of infection of COVID-19. The Regulations also provide that the Minister may, by order, prohibit any person from boarding or disembarking from a conveyance to avert a danger to public health.

  • The Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC) issued a communique in relation to filing and reporting obligations during the COVID-19 curfew period.

    The licensees of the FSC, which is the regulator for non-banking financial services, have been reminded that filing and reporting obligations must be submitted through the online data capture platform of the FSC which is serviceable, and that the FSC will continue its online obligations. The FSC will however apply a flexible approach when monitoring compliance to filing and reporting obligations falling strictly during the curfew period and will also not charge administrative penalties for late filing and reporting obligations due for end March 2020, arising strictly because of the COVID-19 curfew period, provided all required submissions are made on or before 30 June 2020. This protocol shall not apply to outstanding filing and reporting obligations and outstanding penalties for previous years which are in non-compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • The Stock Exchange of Mauritius Ltd (SEM) resumes its activities.

    The FSC had, on 27 March 2020, issued an order for the SEM to remain closed and to temporarily cease securities transactions. Having taken cognizance of, and being satisfied with, all the measures taken by the SEM for an orderly resumption of the market, the FSC has revoked its order of temporary cessation with effect as from 3 April 2020. The SEM has been directed pursuant to section 133(5) of the Securities Act 2005, to inform all of its market participants of the measures it has put in place for an orderly resumption of the market and mitigation of any risks arising therefrom.

  • Measures taken by the Registrar of Companies (ROC) due to lockdown Mauritius

    The ROC has informed the public that documents to the ROC can be submitted either online or by email and that the original must be sent after the confinement period. The corporate and business registration department may also take more than five days to process documents online as the office of the ROC is operating remotely.

    Companies have been given an extension to 15 May 2020 to do any filings that are required to be made during the confinement period and the deadline for companies to comply with the Companies Act through letters or notices has also been extended to 15 May 2020.