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Kenya: Conversion of land reference numbers in Nairobi

12 January 2021
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A special issue of the Kenya Gazette was issued on 31 December 2020, announcing the conversion land registration numbers for certain properties in Nairobi (the Notification of Conversion). This conversion has various implications for persons with interests in land in Nairobi.

The Notification of Conversion was made pursuant to the Land Registration Act (the LRA) and the Land Registration (Registration Units) Order, 2017 (the Order), which empower the Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning to rename blocks of land and create new registration units of land.

We advise all affected land holders to review corresponding details of their properties by 1 April 2021 (the old and new land registration numbers and the area which the land covers) to ensure that the area of their land stated in the notice is correct, and, if possible, to arrange to inspect the cadastral maps of the relevant land.

Where there are discrepancies between the old land registration details and the converted units, aggrieved parties may either initiate a complaint with the Registrar of Lands or register a caution on the affected land pending the resolution or clarification of the complaint. 

Please note that all land transactions in the units specified in the Notification of Conversion shall be transferred to the new registers on 1 April 2021. Furthermore, the next phase of the conversion of these units is the issuance of titles bearing the new registration numbers.  During this phase, landowners will be required to surrender their current titles in exchange for new titles.  We shall let you know once this process commences.

In the meantime, we are available to provide further guidance in respect of both the verification of the converted parcels of land and the complaints procedure for any grievances.