Monday, July 15, 2019

In an ever-changing working environment characterised by digital disruption and ubiquitous digital technology and systems, being able to navigate and leverage technology to drive business improvement is becoming increasingly critical.

As Bowmans further drives its digitisation strategy through the implementation of artificial intelligence and contract automation tools, it is important to continually create awareness and build a common language around digitisation and the tools and technologies available.  That is what motivated the creation of Bowmans’ latest offering – BowBots, a coding programme for beginners.

While the 21st century lawyer will probably not be required to code as part of his or her day job, the introduction of value-adding systems in the legal profession shows that even lawyers are expected to understand and utilise systems to do their work and leverage their capacity to be more productive.

‘Learning the basics of programming can be hugely beneficial in navigating modern corporate systems and understanding the significance of systems and software in an organisation’s environment’, says Chris Martinus, systems development manager and initiator of the BowBots programme.

The BowBots initiative introduces staff to programming and modern software development tools.  Lawyers and business staff are able to learn the fundamentals of programming, use Integrated Development Environments and understand software integration in a fun and competitive way. 

The learning is done in a classroom setting, using integrated learning and collaboration platforms for content sharing and social updates.

According to Celia Pienaar, legal service improvement manager, ‘While the programme is aimed at beginners, the software packages and tools are used by professionals.  Starting in Johannesburg, 52 BowBots participants are creating team robots and equipping them with artificial intelligence in order to compete in the final showdown at the end of the six month programme in November.’ 

BowBots is part of a range of Bowmans initiatives aimed at future-proofing lawyers and business staff to ensure Bowmans continues to focus on delivery of client-centric, solution-driven, sophisticated legal advice it has become known for.