Thursday, February 11, 2021

Dealmaking in Africa has entered a new era with the introduction of remote deal management technology. Leading African law firm Bowmans has partnered with Legatics to make its web-based deal management platform available to facilitate transactions in Africa and globally.

‘This is a game-changing tool that will allow our clients to negotiate, run and close transactions remotely and collaboratively,’ says Cathy Truter, head of Knowledge at Bowmans.

Daniel Grant Smith, head of Engagement at Legatics says, ‘We are delighted that Bowmans has chosen Legatics as its transaction management platform.  We’re really looking forward to seeing this partnership grow and the use of our platform continue to help Bowmans lawyers and their clients.’

The platform facilitates collaboration and transparency at each step of the deal process, from negotiating through to signing and closing transactions.

‘It enables real-time deal approval, reducing many of the risks associated with closing deals, and is useful in cutting administrative processes and time and cost overruns,’ says Truter.

Bowmans is using the new platform to provide a consistent experience for clients across its geographical footprint, regardless of where their transactions are located.

‘This tool will help our clients unlock opportunities that are sometimes otherwise less accessible,’ says Truter.

Referring to the platform as an international best product, she says features include collaborative document exchange and version control, task allocation and tracking, remote signing and signature collation, among others.

She concludes, ‘Bowmans has previously pioneered innovations such as machine learning and online contract management, and we are thrilled to now be in a position to offer our clients an efficient and transparent method of managing their transactions, ultimately helping them to close deals faster and with reduced risk.’