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Suspended land transactions at the Nairobi and Central Land Registry

21 March 2018
– 1 Minute Read


Kindly take note that the Ministry of Lands has issued a notice that the Nairobi Lands Registry (RLA transactions), the Central Registry (RTA/GLA transactions), the Records Registry (RDA transactions) and the banking hall will remain closed to facilitate the digitization of the records at these Registries between 19 March 2018 and 30 March 2018 .

The Registries will resume business on 3 April 2018. Once the Registry is re-opened it is proposed that there will be no manual processing of document at these Registries. 

There are some functions that were accessible electronically and they seem not to have been affected by this closure.

This is the third such attempt in the last 4 years.  The previous attempts did not yield the expected results and it remains to be seen whether this new attempt will be successful.

We expect that after resumption of services there will be teething problems with the system which are likely to result in delays in the short term.