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South Africa’s Oil and Gas industry

13 October 2016
– 1 Minute Read


Upstream oil and gas endeavours are currently the most intriguing aspect of the South African energy sector, hence they form the focus of a South African chapter written by Bowmans Oil & Gas Sector Group lawyers,  David Forfar, Luke Havemann and Aaron Ohm in GLi’s Energy publication for 2017.

The chapter provides an overview of South Africa’s upstream oil and gas industry, a synopsis of the primary statute governing its activities and an analysis of the uniquely South African issue of black economic empowerment and its interaction (or the lack of it) with the upstream oil and gas industry.

It also includes a discussion of the manner in which development of the industry has been curtailed by ongoing legislative and regulatory uncertainty.

In conclusion, it is suggested that sober steps be taken by the State to steer the oil and gas industry away from the uncertainty that has come to define the legislative and regulatory frameworks that govern the country’s upstream oil and gas sector.

Read the full chapter here.

The team is happy to discuss this chapter and more about the industry with you. Please contact David, Luke or Aaron for more.