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Land Regulations – now is the time to start using the new land forms!

21 January 2019
– 1 Minute Read


Mid-last year, the Kenyan Parliament approved various Land Regulations, specifically, The Land Registration (General) Regulations 2017, through legal notice 278 (the “Regulations”).

The Regulations introduced new prescribed forms to be used for transfers of land, transfers of leases, charges, powers of attorney and other similar transactions dealing with land.

Notwithstanding the prescription of new forms by the Regulations, the Land Registry has been accepting both the new forms and the older forms for registration.

The Lands Registry has now issued a notice stating that, with effect from January 2019, all documents presented to the Lands Registry for registration must comply with the new prescribed forms set out in the Regulations. Any failure to adhere to these requirements will result in the rejection of applications to register various land transactions.