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Kenya Office Developments

1 March 2017
– 5 Minute Read


Dear Clients and Colleagues,

As we present a short update on recent developments at the firm and on our outlook for the year ahead I’d like take this opportunity to thank you for continuing to trust us to handle your most pressing legal issues.  We never lose sight of the fact that a key component in the reputation of our firm is the strength of our client and business relationships.

The past few years have seen rapid expansion of our business since its birth in 2008.  We are optimistic about the medium to long-term prospects for East Africa, our domestic market in Kenya and the potential for the firm.  This is so despite some short-term challenges we are currently undergoing in Kenya and the prospects for uncertainty during Kenya’s election period this year.

I’d like to highlight that we are continuing to innovate in our business and to invest in our talent in order to help us to better serve you.  Specifically:

  • Re-brand. From 1 September 2016 all the firms in the Bowmans group underwent a re-brand which sees us now identified across all the countries we operate in under a single ‘Bowmans’ brand identity.  As of 1st March 2017 we have six offices in four countries – Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa.  The re-brand has been very well received by the market.  In Kenya, we have remained a Kenyan business dedicated to the highest standard of legal advice for our clients, and for regulatory purposes we have retained our partnership name Coulson Harney.
  • New office in Tanzania. Bowmans opened an office in Dar es Salaam by welcoming partners Wilbert Kapinga and Audax Kameja (two of Tanzania’s best-known and highly respected practitioners). We have fully integrated this terrific group of lawyers, who will provide our clients with a greatly enhanced offering in East Africa.
  • Key promotions in Nairobi. Our Kenyan office is now 17 partner-level lawyers strong, with the promotion of Muthoni Runji on 1 March 2017.  Muthoni specializes in conveyancing, banking and securities and corporate law.  Her skill-set strengthens our already strong banking and finance offering.  We also have three new senior associates: Rosemary Maina (corporate commercial), Simon Kiriba (real estate and construction) and Theresa Mruttu (banking and financing).  This growth is a testament to the work we are doing and the complex matters you ask us to work on.
  • Strategic hires. In Kenya, we recently welcomed two new senior lawyers who have specialist experience gained in the UK and elsewhere: Kendall Evans covers insurance law, corporate M&A and capital markets deals having gained six years of experience at English and international law firms, while Ariana Issaias is an expert in technology, franchising and IP work who has spent several years with a leading London law firm.
  • CSR/Pro bono. Our pro bono activities and CSR initiatives are fundamental to who and what we are as a firm.  Accordingly, some key charities we supported over the last year are: Just One Life; Kamiti Prison, Christ and Children’s Home, Amnesty International, Restart Africa programme and Gravity Light Foundation.
  • Limited Liability Partnership.  In line with international and local trends the firm has become a limited liability partnership.  This creates greater legal certainty for us but has no impact on our status as a leading Kenyan firm of advocates.

2017 will be a big year for us as we embark upon better integration now that we are under one brand name, Bowmans, which will allow us to provide legal services more efficiently and to better leverage our accumulated knowledge in tackling our clients’ complex legal needs.

We began the year at a time of momentous change: a new US president, the UK is in the process of exiting the European Union, other key elections in France and Germany could upset the order.  Our own economy has experienced some headwind in growth opportunities and predictability.  And of course the pending Kenyan elections could impact the political landscape and business climate.  Change is a constant but like everyone in business we prefer things to evolve in a predictable way.  Nevertheless the prospects for Kenya, our East African region and Africa as a whole remain brighter than they have for more than a generation.

What does this have to do with our firm? The one constant since our humble beginnings is that our focus remains solidly upon our team members and on our clients. We carefully select, train and encourage our professionals to challenge themselves, take pride in their work, pay attention to the detail and sustain a clear vision.  This creates an ownership and accountability in addressing all of your needs as clients and fellow colleagues. Our team strives to deliver effective and innovative solutions, no matter the political and economic environment, which enables your business success.

We enjoy the strong relationships we have with you, many dating to the founding of our firm. We make it our priority to stay engaged with you and your business.  We are well-versed in the varied sectors where we provide services.  Our partners and lawyers apply their expertise, experience and knowledge while factoring sector-specific elements in today’s economy to successfully guide and advise you. We take pride in being your primary business resource and pledge to do so no matter what comes in 2017.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected], or your usual contact at the firm.  If you wish to access more information about Bowmans and our latest deals as well as a host of other valuable information please visit our website at

With best wishes,

Richard Harney

Managing Partner

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