Employment Benefits

Short background with Chris Todd, head of employment and benefits, on the relevance of a panel discussion of this nature in the African context and 2-3 key outcomes of the seminar.



Employment of expat executives

What are the key considerations that a newly established corporate office will have to prove in attempting to secure a work permit for an expat executive in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda?



The most appropriate employment contractual arrangements

What is the most appropriate employment contractual arrangement for an expat employee assigned from an office in another jurisdiction into your country? Which law will apply during the assignment?



Enforceability of restraint of trade covenants

Are restraints of trade recognised and enforceable in your jurisdiction? Please comment on any particular requirements for recognition and enforceability.



Employee investigations relating to fraud

Do corporates have a duty to report criminal conduct or corrupt practice by staff to the police or can it be dealt with, internally?



Working across Africa: how to deal with an erring executive

In America or London, terminating the employment of a non-performing executive is usually quick and straightforward. A very different set of rules applies in many African jurisdictions, where the burden of proof tends to fall squarely on the shoulders of the employer and due process must be followed.
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